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Coastline files include lists of two-dimensional polylines that may be closed or open. The open polylines are converted to Feature Arcs and are interpreted as open sections of coastline. Closed polylines are converted to arcs and are assigned the attributes of islands. Coastline files contain x, y, z location information for arcs defining coastlines. The arcs defining a coastline can be created from ADCIRC and CGWAVE type coverages. When a Coastline file is read into SMS, feature arcs are created. If a coastline closes, the final point is not repeated. If no z-value is specified, SMS defaults the node z-value to 0.0.

Coastline files are opened through the menu File | Open and saved from File | Save As... from the Map module.

Sample File

COAST /* File type identifier */
2 /* Number of coastlines */
1309 0 /* Number of segments in coastline and if coastline closes (not closes = 0, closes = 1) */
-7794.9054 3396.0346 0.0 /* Node X, Y, Z Locations - Z is optional (defaults to 0.0) */
-7822.6129 3391.8341 0.0
-7852.6508 3386.68 0.0
151 1 /* Start next coastline */
/* EOF */

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