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Color Palette (*.pal) files hold user-defined palette information for use with display contour data. Palettes must be construct using an RGB color model. SMS can both generate and import color palette files.

The New Palette dialog and the Save Palettes command in the Color Options dialog are used to create color palette files in SMS. The process for creating a color palette is described in the User Defined Color Palettes article.

Importing color palette files is done through the Color Options dialog using the Load Palettes command. The Color Options dialog will then display the color palettes saved in the file.

Each color palette file can hold information for multiple color palettes. SMS will display all available palettes in the Color Options dialog.

A sample palette file is shown below:

PALETTE                   File type identifier
2                         Number of Palettes
Palette1  3               Name of Palette; Number of colors in palette
0 0.0  1.0                Percentage (0) or Value (1); Minimum Range; Maximum Range
0.111111 0 0  0           1st color – Percentage; Red (0–255); Green; Blue
0.444444 45  136 45       2nd color – Percentage; Red (0–255); Green; Blue
1.000000 255  255 255     3rd color – Percentage; Red (0–255); Green; Blue
Palette2  5               Next Palette
...                       etc.

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