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Map coverages can be used to generate other geometric data types in SMS such as meshes (unstructured grids), grids (Cartesian grid), Curvinlinear or boundary fitted grids, scatter sets and cross sections. This can be accomplished by right-clicking on a coverage of an appropriate type in the Project Explorer and selecting a convert command. These commands include:

In some cases, and historically, many of these functions are accessible by selecting the similar commands from the Feature Objects menu.

The same coverage can be used to create multiple meshes, grids, or scatter sets, with the exception of the 1D grid. Any changes made in the coverage after converting the coverage will not implemented in the existing geometry, but a new geometry can be generated that incorporates the changes to the coverage.

Some conversion commands require specific conditions be met before the command is available.

  • Converting to a grid (2D grid, 1D grid, or quadtree) requires that a grid frame has been created on the coverage. Attributes for the grid frame can be set before or during the conversion process.
  • Converting to a mesh or UGrid requires building polygons in the coverage. Attributes for the polygons should be set before converting to a mesh.

For more information, see Converting Feature Objects.

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