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A dredging simulation includes all the data to run a specific dredging alternative. Multiple simulations can exist at the same time within SMS to allow for the evaluation of different alternatives.

Simulation Contents

A simulation contains one or more dredging coverages.

Creating a Simulation

  1. New Simulation – Right click on a blank area of the project explorer and select "New | Dredging Simulation."
  2. Copy Existing Simulation – Right click on the simulation and select "Duplicate."

Adding items to a Simulation

A user can add coverages into a dredging simulation by dragging them into the simulation tree item in the project explorer. This will create a link to the coverage within the simulation.

Generating Particle Sources for a Simulation

To generate PTM sources, right-click on the simulation and choose "Generate PTM Sources." This will run the appropriate dredge source models and/or use specified loss percentages to generate a new PTM coverage with created sources.