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Exporting Profile dialog

The Exporting Profile dialog allows exporting the plot data. The dialog is reached through the Export/Print command when right-clicking on an active plot.


  • Image Export – This option selects the image format the plot data will be exported as. The following image formats are available:
    • EMF – Windows enhanced metafile.
    • WMF – Windows metafile.
    • BMP – Bitmap image file format.
    • JPG – Joint photographic experts group file format.
    • PNG – Portable network graphics file format.
  • Text / Data – This option will export the data as a simple text file.

Export Destination

In this section, select where SMS will send the plot data when exporting.

  • ClipBoard – Sends the plot data to the clipboard memory of the computer.
  • File – Creates an ASCII text file of the data. Selecting the Browse button allows specifying the location where the file will be saved.
  • Printer – Exports the data to an active printer.

Export Size

If exporting to an image format, allows the image size and resolution to be specified. This sections contains the following sections:

  • Millimeters
  • Inches
  • Points
  • Width
  • DPI
  • Large Font

Default values will be entered in these fields based on the generated plot. These values can be changed if desired.

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