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Input and output files for FESWMS are listed below. Note that FESWMS FST2DH will not accept filenames with spaces (e.g. "CAD Mesh.dat").

Input Files

  • FST2DH project file (*.fpr)
  • Control data (*.dat)
  • Mesh data (*.msh – *.net for SMS)
  • Flow input data (*.flo)
  • Sediment input data (*.sed – *.sdi for SMS)
  • Boundary condition data (*.bcs)
  • Wind data (*.wnd)
  • Wave data (*.wve)
  • Time-dependent data (*.tim)

Output Files

  • Report data (*.rpt – *.prt for SMS)
  • Flow output data (*.flo)
  • Sediment output data (*.sed)
  • Restart-recovery data (*.rsr)
  • Upper coefficient matrix (*.upp)
  • Lower coefficient matrix (*.low)
  • Scalar output data (*.scl)
  • Vector output data (*.vec)
  • Profile output data (*.pro)
  • Run status data (*.sta)

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