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This article is for GENESIS Model. The GENESIS Model has been replaced by the GenCade Model in current editions of SMS.

The GENESIS Graphical Interface includes tools to assist with creating, editing and debugging a GENESIS model. The GENESIS interface exists in the 1-D Grid Module.

Model Control

The GENESIS Model Control Dialog is used to setup the options that apply to the simulation as a whole. These options include time controls, beach parameters, and boundary conditions.

Boundary Conditions

All numeric models require boundary condition data. Boundary conditions in GENESIS are specified in the GENESIS Model Control Dialog.

Beach Properties

Sand and beach data are specified in the GENESIS Model Control Dialog.


GENESIS includes support for several different types of structures including:

  • Breakwaters
  • Groins & Jetties
  • Seawalls
  • Beach Fill

See GENESIS Structures for more information.

Running the Model

The GENESIS Files are written automatically with the SMS project file or can be saved separately using the File | Save GENESIS or File | Save As menu commands. See GENESIS Files for more information on the files used for the GENESIS run.

GENESIS can be launched from SMS using the GENESIS | Run GENESIS menu command.


The following menu commands are available in the GENESIS Menu:

Coastal Structures

  • Breakwaters
  • Groins & Jetties
  • Drop Inlet
  • Seawalls
  • Beach Fill

Model Parameters

  • Edit Grid
  • Filter Wave Data
  • Edit Bypassing
  • Model Control

GENESIS Arc Attributes Dialog

The GENESIS Arc Attributes dialog is used to set the attributes for feature arcs. Attributes that can be specified for each arc include:

  • Arc Type
    • Generic
    • Initial Coastline
    • Measured Coastline
    • Reference Line
    • Breakwater
    • Jetty/Groin
    • Seawall

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