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The GFGEN model wrapper

GFGEN (Geometry File GENerator) converts ASCII geometry into binary format and does data checking along the way. GFGEN is capable of doing the following:

  • Reading node and element data and constructing a finite element computational mesh for use by other programs in the TABS-MD modeling system.
  • Identifying errors and potential errors in the constructed mesh.
  • Renumbering the mesh, omitting unused nodes and/or element numbers.
  • Fitting curved element sides to land boundaries and interior element sides may be specified.
  • Developing an elemental solution order that permits the most efficient operation of models using the mesh.
  • Providing a nodal cross reference and statistics summary.
  • Creating a binary data file that contains the mesh information and geometry in a format suitable for use by other TABS-MD programs.
  • Creating a device independent DISSPLA meta file of one to five mesh characteristics (mesh, node and element numbers, material types, and bathymetric assignments).

Primarily, GFGEN is used in conjunction with RMA2. It will run the first time a RMA2 project model run is launched.

Using the Model / Practical Notes

External Links

  • Users Guide to GFGEN - Version 4.35 [1]

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