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GenCade makes use of the following input and output files.


A GenCade simulation requires the following input files:

  • GenCade Control File (*.gen) – The simulation file which contains links to other input files as well as the definition of all the structures and events and other model parameters.
  • Initial Shoreline File (*.shi) – Contains the initial shoreline position geometry.
  • Wave File (*.wave) – There must be one wave file for each wave gage. The file contains the wave events for the associated gage for all time spanning the simulation.

The following are optional input files:

  • Regional Contour File (*.shr) – Contains the regional contour geometry.
  • Water Level File (*.wl) – Contains time-dependent wave transmission data.
  • Variable Resolution File (*.shdx) – Contains the grid density values for a non-uniform grid.


The following files are created by GenCade during a simulation run:

  • Print File (*.prt) – A summary printed output file that reports on the status of the run. It is for user review.
  • Shoreline Position Output File (*.slo) – Contains the output shoreline positions through the simulation.
  • Offshore Contour File (*.off) – Contains the offset from the original shoreline positions. This is the same as the positions from the SLO file minus the initial shoreline positions.
  • Net Transport Rate File (*.qtr) – Contains the transient, spatially varied transport rates at the specified output times during the simulations.
  • Mean Net Annual Transport Files (*.mql/*.mqr/*.mqn) – Contains the annual averaged transport rates to the left, to the right and net. This is a integration of the components that make up the QTR.
  • Inlet Shoal Volume File (*.irv) – Contains the time varying volumes of each of the shoals related to the inlet. One IRV file will be created for each inlet in the simulation.

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