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There are several kinds of vector files and many kinds of raster files that are automatically identified and read into SMS.

These kinds of vector files include:

  • ESRI Shapefiles – read into GIS module
  • MapInfo MIF/MID files – read into GIS module

Raster data is read in as images or rasters (for example DEMs). SMS will recognize most image and DEM formats.

The generic vector/raster files can be used to read in vector data not natively supported by SMS or not recognized as a raster/image format. Data unrecognized by SMS should try to load the data as generic vector/raster data. If this fails, Use the Open As command and specify for the type "Generic vector/raster data."

Generic vector data is converted into one of the natively supported types as selected when importing. After the conversion has been made, SMS will link to the converted data and not the original file. The conversion is performed by "GlobalMapper from Blue Marble Geographics." All of the formats supported by this package are supported. The list of formats can be found here:

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