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SMS Layout

The Main Graphics Window is the biggest part of the SMS screen. The Graphics Window is where SMS displays two and three-dimensional data. It is also where most interaction happens with that data in SMS. The selected tool determines the type of interaction that can be performed in the Graphics Window. For example, if the Create Node tool is currently selected any click in the Graphics Window will result in the creation of a node at the location of the click.

What data appears in the Graphics Window, and how each data type is formatted, can be controlled. Each type of entity has an associated set of display attributes. These attributes include visibility, color, line thickness, and font type. Each data type is associated with a specific module and the attributes for that type are controlled via that modules Display Options dialog.

The Graphics Window is integral in the creation, editing and visualization of two-dimensional finite element meshes and two-dimensional finite difference grids. It is also the main means of interacting with a conceptual model and site maps.

The row at the bottom of the graphics window tracks the coordinates and functional values of the location of the cursor. The z coordinate corresponds to an interpolated elevation value from either the mesh or grid, depending on which module is active.

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