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Cartesian Grid Smoothing Options dialog

The Cartesian Grid Smoothing Options dialog is opened by right-clicking on a Cartesian grid item in the Project Explorer and selecting the Smooth... menu command. The following options can be specified:

  • Filter size – This determines how many neighbors are included when smoothing the grid. Options are 3x3 and 5x5.
  • Number of iterations – This specifies how many passes should be made with the smoothing algorithm.
  • Max. elevation change – This value specifies the maximum allowable elevation change per iteration for each cell.
  • Filter ratio – The new cell elevation is computed using the original elevation (at the beginning of the iteration not the whole process) and the "blurred" elevation. The filter ratio defines how far the elevation is changed between the original elevation and the "blurred" elevation. A filter ratio of 1.0 would replace the existing elevation with the "blurred" elevation. A filter ratio of 0.0 would be pointless as it wouldn't change the elevations. A filter ratio of 0.5 would give a new elevation that is the average of the original elevation and the blurred elevation.
  • Only modify selected cells/cell locations – If this option is selected, only the cells or cell locations (if model uses elevations at centers, faces, and corners) that are selected are smoothed. Cells or cell locations not selected may be used to compute "blurred" elevations but their elevations are never modified.

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