SMS:Hurricane Path Pertubations Dialog

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The PBL engine is developed and maintained by Oceanweather Inc. Distribution of the model itself is controlled by OWI and is not available for sale through Aquaveo.

The Hurricane Path Perturbations dialog is opened by right-clicking on an ADCIRC Wind coverage and selecting Perturb Hurricane Path from the right-click menu. Two feature points along the hurricane path must be selected before the dialog can be opened. The selected feature points define the beginning and ending point of the geometric offset which can vary linearly. The offsets before and after the selected points will be held constant.

Depending on the wind model associated with the coverage (set in the Storm Attributes dialog), the following parameters can also be perturbed:

  • PBL
    • Central pressure (mb)
    • Holland's B
  • Holland Symmetric (NWS=8)
    • Min sea level pressure (mb)
    • Radius of max winds (nm)
  • Holland Asymmetric (NWS=19)
    • Min sea level pressure (mb)
    • Radius of max winds (nm)
    • Storm speed (kts)

Each parameter can be perturbed to a specified value or percent. The corresponding value / percent is automatically calculated by SMS.