SMS:Importing Dredge Tracks from ASCII Files

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SMS can import dredging paths from an ASCII file using the import wizard.

The file must include a contiguous dredging path where each subsequent line is the next location in the dredging path. If there is a file with multiple paths, a user will need to break it up after importing. All of the format options used by the file import wizard can be used with the files (fixed width/delimited).

The column data types include: date/time, x, y, a dredging flag, and an overflow flag.

The date/time can be in any generally accepted format such as 01/01/2001 8:00 AM or 01-Jan-2001 0800.

The dredging flag indicates whether or not the dredge is operating during that portion of the path. If the option "include paths when dredge not operating" is checked then this will create arcs that do not contain dredging attributes. Otherwise, these portions of the path are not included in the coverage.

In SMS a dredging path does not include times for each step along the path. The speed the dredge proceeds along the dredging path is determined by the amount of material to dredge and the production rate. The date/time information is used to identify the starting time of each dredging arc in the coverage.