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M2D support in the SMS interface ended with SMS version 9.2. This was because M2D became the hydrodynamic/sediment transport model in the Coastal Modeling System (CMS). To reflect the involvement in the "system", the name of the model was changed from M2D to CMS-Flow.

The Coastal Modeling System (CMS) is a system of interacting wave, circulation, sediment transport, and bottom-morphology change models centered around a two-dimensional (2D), depth-averaged finite difference circulation model. The CMS was designed for application at coastal inlets where the tide, wind, rivers, and waves may force water and sediment motion. This project-level model is easy to set up and runs quickly as compared to other comparable models. A 3D option is now under testing.

Please see the CMS-Flow wiki page for more information about this model within SMS 10.0 and later versions.