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When SMS saves a project, all the data related to coverages in the Map module is written to a single ASCII file named

The map file will contain all coverages, coverage type, and feature objects under the Map Data folder in the project. When the project is opened, these coverages and feature objects are restored. Attributes saved with coverages will also be saved with the file.

If the version of SMS does not have access to a coverage type saved in the map file (because of license being used or in the case of older projects), the coverage type will be changed to be an area property coverage. Attributes that were on the missing coverage type will be lost if the project is saved.

Although this file is ASCII and can therefore be read in a text editor, it's recommend that a user not edit these files. It's also not recommend that a user develop utilities based on the current format of these files. The format has changed between versions of SMS, and although SMS maintains backward compatibility to read older file formats, there is no guarantee that older formats will be written by future versions of SMS. In fact, the ASCII file may not be maintained at all.

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