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The Particle Module Compute Grid Datasets article describes how to represent particle data on a rectilinear grid. The computations include things such as count, accumulation, and concentrations on the grid cells. In addition to computing these values on 2D grid cells, some of the datasets can be computed in layers creating 3D data. These datasets include concentration, exposure and dosage.

3D Fence Options

If the "create fence diagram" option is selected SMS will build a 3D mesh and datasets for each of the selected 3D datasets. SMS will also turn on the option to display fences (found in the display options dialog) and set the coverage used for fences. See 3D Fence Diagrams below for information on adjusting the display of the fence.

There will be two datasets generated for each type of 3D data computed. One dataset represents the concentration/exposure/dosage that is experienced by the cell. These values only make sense when applied to a volume. These datasets will display as a block filled value in each cell. Some people prefer viewing smooth contours rather than block filled values. The second dataset that is created represents the cell based values averaged to the nodes to provide for smooth contours. These datasets have "smoothed" in their names to distinguish them from the cell based data.

3D Fence Diagrams

3D fence diagrams allow viewing a cross section of a 3D solution. Displaying 3D fences requires:

  1. A 3D mesh with solution datasets.
  2. A coverage of any type that has one or more feature arcs without any vertices. This defines where the fences will be located. The arcs cannot have vertices since only planar surfaces can be represented.

3D fences can be turned on in the display options dialog. The coverage used for the fence definitions is specified in the display options dialog. The fences will use the current contour settings and are always represented with color-filled contours.

Remember to rotate out of plan view to see the fence.