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The particle filters allow evaluating specific particles based upon different criteria. The filters act exclusively upon particle datasets. Multiple filters can be used together to filter multiple datasets.

The filters affect:

  • Displayed particles
  • Selectable particles (hence selected particle info)
  • Compute Grid datasets functionality

Dialog Description

Example of the PTM Filter Options dialog.

The Filter Options dialog is brought up by clicking on the Filter Options command in the Data menu when the Particle Module is active. The following controls are used to define the particle filters.


Use the New and Delete buttons to create / remove filters. Each filter may be enable / disabled by clicking its toggle box. The filters are defined by selecting a Dataset whose values will be compared against the operands / operators pairs defined in the Options control.


Each filter operates on a single Particle Module dataset. Examples of datasets in the Particle Module include solutions created by the PTM model or using the data calculator.


  • Operators – Comparison operators
< Less than
<= Less than or equal to
equal Equal to
not equal Not equal to
> Greater than
>= Greater than or equal to
  • Operands – Values compared against the selected dataset using the corresponding operators
  • Conjunction – This toggle box disables the second operator / operand pair or performs the and function on them against the first operator / operand pair.