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Profile Customization dialog for Computed vs. Observed Values Customization

The Profile Customization dialog allows editing many plot properties. The plot options are organized onto the following tabs in the dialog:

  • General Tab – Plot title, border style, viewing style, font size, numeric precision, and grid line style can be changed
    • Main Title – Allows changing the title of the plot.
    • Subtitle – Allows changing the subtitle of the plot.
    • Show Annotations
    • Border Style – Has options for No Border, Line, Shadow, and 3D Inset
    • Viewing Style – Has options for Color, Monochrome, and Monochrome + Symbols
    • Font Size – Has options for Large, Medium, and Small
    • Numeric Precision – Has options for 1–7
    • Grid Lines – Has options for Both, Y, X, None, and Grid in front of data
  • Axis Tab – Contains x and y axis information
  • Y Axis
Linear Auto
Log Min
  • X Axis
Linear Auto
Log Min
  • Font Tab – Plot font style can be edited. Users can select the font style for each of the following:
    • Main Title
    • Sub-Title
    • Subset / Point / Axis Labels
  • Color Tab – Any color option can be changed here. It has the following options:
    • Graph Attributes
      • Desk Foreground
      • Desk Background
      • Shadow Color
      • Graph Foreground
      • Graph Background
      • Table Foreground
      • Table Background
    • Quick Styles
      • Bitmap/Gradient Styles
  • Export – Allows exporting the plot and plot data in different file formats, to a printer, or the clipboard
  • Maximize – Cause the plot to fill the computer screen. Pressing the ESC key will return the plot window to its normal size.

To open the Profile Customization dialog, select Display | Plot Display Options or right-click on the plot and select Display Options.

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