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Q: There appears to be no way of outputting observation wave parameters results to a text file *.out as is the case with the non SMS version of STWAVE. Has this feature been removed?

A: The .obs file is outputted as an h5 file, so you would need an h5 viewer to view the files. They did this to make the file sizes smaller and run faster.

Q: The observation file is called *_obs.h5 and not *.obs as should be the case. Therefore I cannot import the observed wave spectra. Is this a program bug, or is there another way of looking at the observation point data?

A: You can import the obs.h5 file into SMS and view it, you just have to select which one you want to view in the spectral energy window.

Q: Is the output wave direction relative to the grid regardless of specifying global system for boundary conditions?

A: The output is relative to the global system

Q: How does the 1D transformed spectrum work along boundaries adjacent to main wave input boundary?

A: The energy found from STWAVE running in one direction is used when STWAVE runs in the other directions, it can have up to four boundary conditions in full plane.

Q: What is the largest grid domain that the model can handle? (I appear to be crashing the model for no apparent reason but I have quite a few grid cells)

A: It all depends on how much ram you have. If you are running full plane then it will be alot smaller, since it requires alot more to do all the calculations.

Q: Can you nest grids yet in STWAVE?

A: You can if it is in half plane.

Q: How do you get the nest grids option ungreyed out?

A: You have to make sure both grids are half plane, when you create a new one it will be full plane. Then make sure the new created grid has the same dx, dy values in the cell size section.