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RMA4 Material Properties dialog

The RMA4 Material Properties dialog is reached through the RMA4 | Material Properties... menu command in the Mesh module.

The dialog has the following options:

  • Material list – a list of available materials is populated on the left side of the dialog. Selecting a material allows the diffusion to be changed for the material.
  • Overide global specification – When turned on the global diffusion will not be used for the material.
  • Diffusion coefficient method – Specifies using diffusion coefficients to approximate turbulence.
  • Peclet number method – Specifies the use of a Péclet number to determine diffusion.
  • Dx – Specifies diffusion in the x direction.
  • Dy – Specifies diffusion in the y direction.
  • Peclet Number – Enter the Péclet number value.
  • Minimum Velocity – The lowest velocity allowed for diffusion.
  • General Material Properties – Brings up the Materials Data dialog.


Because RMA4 does not have the ability to model turbulence, diffusion coefficients may be used to approximate turbulence. By assigning a diffusion coefficient in the x and y directions for each material, the flow over that material will be altered somewhat to provide an approximation of turbulent flow over that region. A value of -1.0 may be applied to allow normal flow over the material. Positive values provide turbulence. The higher the value, the greater the effect is.

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