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RMA2 Rainfall Values dialog

The RMA2 Rainfall Values dialog is used to assign rainfall or evaporation across the entire simulation. The dialog is reached through the Weather tab of the RMA2 Model Control dialog or through the Advanced tab of the RMA2 Element Boundary Conditions dialog.

Rainfall and evaporation can be applied to a single element, or to many elements in the network. Rainfall or evaporation is applied in inches/hour or centimeters/hour if using metric units. These values are internally converted to feet/second or meters/second depending on the designation on the SI card. Positive values represent rainfall, while negative values represent evaporation. Rainfall and evaporation can occur at any time during the simulation.

Note: Rainfall or evaporation cannot be applied to junction elements or control structure elements, or elements which have a material type (IMAT) greater than 900. When globally assigning rainfall and evaporation, these elements are automatically skipped by the program.
Note: When simulating rainfall or evaporation, the flow rate value listed for boundary conditions defined as element flow for the affected elements will be different from what is specified. The values have been converted to be in the units used by RMA2 during calculations. See RMA2 Boundary Conditions.

See the "Adding Rainfall And Evaporation" section and RA Card description in the RMA2 model documentation for more information.

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