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fter installing SMS, it will need to be registered. Registration can be done with a password or with a hardware lock. When SMS is first launched, a dialogue box appears that has several options. If SMS is unlicensed it will automatically be in Community mode. Selecting Advanced Options and entering the IP Address enable the program. Another option is to type in the License Code. This is described below.


Example of the Aquaveo License Registration dialog.

If using a password to enable SMS, send information to the vendor about the user's machine to get the password. There are several ways to send this information.

Register SMS with a Password

  1. Start SMS and select the Register… button when the welcome screen appears.
    1. If the welcome screen does not appear automatically, select Register... from the Help menu in SMS. Then select the Advanced Options button in the Aquaveo License Registration dialog.
  2. Select Change Location for the Licensing method and enter the 7 digit alpha-numeric code that begins with the letter P. Click the Next > button.
  3. If the registration is successful, click OK to exit the Registration Wizard.
  4. The Aquaveo License Registration dialog displays the registered components, licensing method, and license expiration dates.

See also: SMS_License_Instructions.pdf

Hardware Locks

Follow the instructions received with the hardware lock to install the hardware lock and accompanying drivers. If hardware lock instructions were not received, or they have been misplaced, they can be found in on the Aquaveo website. There are separate files for single user and network hardware locks. These files can be read using a web browser.

Community Version

If no valid license is detected, SMS runs in Community Version. Community Version This mode is intended to allow evaluating the software before making a purchase.

Evaluation Version

An evaluation version that is valid for 30-60 days may be requested by selecting the Evaluation button. A connection to a web utility will be made and a valid registration code will be sent via email. After receiving the registration code, enter it into the dialogue box, and select register. After evaluating SMS, please contact an SMS vendor with any questions or to purchase.

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