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In addition to the tutorial files, numerous test cases are available for download from the Aquaveo Verification Repository.

The Aquaveo Verification Repository is designed to store case studies which can be used to verify the accuracy and capabilities of various numeric models. The case studies contain within the repository will eventually help to build a selection tool. The selection tool will use numeric model results to suggest appropriate models to use for a study. The results will be determined by the performance of the model when faced with certain site characteristics.

The cases can be searched using the "Search" links found in the navigation menu. Each model type is contained in a separate repository. The search page will allow searching for case studies containing particular attributes. Performing a search with no selections will allow browsing all studies contained in the repository.

Test cases can be added to the repository . In order to add studies to the repository an account is required. The provided contact information will not be released to anyone. Everyone is invited to contribute to the repository. More cases means the models can be tested more thoroughly, which will result in a better selection tool.

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