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Settings, or INI, files store all of the user defined settings that made inside of SMS. For example, the user defined display options, the coordinate system, mesh, grid, and scatter options, etc. are stored in the file. These files should not be confused with the old .ini files that were previously used as FESWMS initial condition files.


The main settings file, called sms.ini, is created when SMS is started for the first time. The file is then opened every time SMS starts. When making a change, such as setting mesh nodes to draw in blue, the change is permanently saved by invoking the File | Save Settings command, which updates the sms7.ini file. If the sms7.ini file is deleted, the next time that SMS begins, the settings will be reset to the factory defaults.

Other Settings Files

Settings files are also saved with a project file. The next time a project is loaded into SMS, the project settings are restored and the SMS environment returns to its saved state.

File Format

Settings files are ASCII text files. Each SMS setting is stored with a keyword and a value. For example:

Show Welcome Dialog=0

signifies that SMS will not show the Welcome dialog on startup.

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