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Spectral coverages are used to store all spectral data by location and time. These coverages are then used as spectral input for CMS-Wave and STWAVE, and are also used to view spectral output generated by the models in observation and nesting files.

Spatial Varied Boundary Conditions

CMS-Wave and STWAVE have the ability to read in spectral data from various locations defined in a nesting file. Within SMS, this spectral data is defined using a spectral coverage. Each point in this coverage can be assigned to any number of spectral grids and datasets which define the conditions at that location at any specific time.

Creating Spectral Data

To create spectral data at a point in the spectral coverage, right-click on the point and select Node Attributes.... This will bring up the Spectral Energy dialog, from which spectral grids and spectra can be created. See Generate/Edit Spectra.

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