SMS:TUFLOW Irregular Culverts

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Irregular Culvert dialog

SMS supports irregular culverts for TUFLOW.

Creating the Irregular Culverts

  1. In the network coverage, change the type of an arc to "Irregular Culvert" in the Channel Attributes dialog.
  2. By clicking on Attributes at the bottom of the Channel Attributes dialog, specify what shape the culvert is.
    • The drop-down specifies what polygon will be used for this arc.
    • New polygons can be created and named.
    • The table specifies the points of the polygon in clock-wise order.
      • Please note that negative values cannot be entered for y-values.
    • The number of barrels, contraction coefficients, and losses can be entered in this dialog, similar to other culverts.
    • The perimeter length of the polygon, and its area, are given for convenience.

When the TUFLOW simulation is exported, an HW table will be generated for each unique irregular culvert shape in use.