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SMS includes the ability to import and export tabular data files. These files can include any number of columns of data. Select which columns are to be imported and how they are to be interpreted. The columns of data follow an optional header and may be delimited by any character (such as TAB, SPACE, COMMA, etc.). Files with the extensions of *.xyz and *.pts are defaulted to be of this type.


This capability was originally developed to support files generated by the SHOALS group of the US Army Corps of Engineers. SHOALS files generally have an optional file header describing the data in each column of the file.

Importing Tabular Data

Tabular data files are opened using the File | Open menu command. Select the tabular data file to open. The File Import Wizard appears which allows selecting how the data should be interpreted (as scatter points, mesh nodes, or map nodes) and which columns should be imported.

Exporting Tabular Data

Tabular data files are saved using the File | Save As... menu command and selecting Tabular Data Files (*.txt) or Shoal Files (*.pts) from the save as type filter combo box.

When in the Scatter module this saves scattered data vertices to the tabular file. When in the Mesh module this save the mesh nodes into the tabular data file. In either case the Export Tabular File dialog appears to support this operation.

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