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3D solutions can be viewed on a 3D mesh (VTK mesh module). A 3D solution includes data at multiple z layers and becomes a volume. This is not to be confused with displaying 2D results that represent a surface with 3D coordinates. A 2D solution represents depth averaged values and cannot represent a changing solution in the z direction.

3D Fence Diagram

A 3D fence diagram displays solution data on user specified vertical planes. Fences can be useful to illustrate how a 3D solution varies with depth. Multiple fences can be displayed at the same time to help visualization the solution.

3D fence diagrams allow viewing a cross section of a 3D solution.

Displaying 3D fences requires:

  • A 3D mesh with solution datasets.
  • A coverage of any type that has one or more feature arcs without any vertices. This defines where the fences will be located. The arcs cannot have vertices since only planar surfaces can be represented.

3D fences can be turned on in the Display Options dialog. The coverage used for the fence definitions is specified in the Display Options dialog. The fences will use the current contour settings and are always represented with color filled contours.

Remember to rotate out of plan view to see the fence.


Isosurfaces can be used to display 3D solutions. The display options for isosurfaces are set using the Contour Options in the Display Options dialog.