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Community Version

The SMS Community Version is an unlicensed version that allows using a basic interface to:

  • Open and view files.
  • Generate a mesh (limited to one mesh).
  • Use the SRH-2D interface (limited to one simulation).

General Features

  • Options added to Smooth Arc tool.
  • Size functions can be used to redistribute vertices along an arc.

Module Features

Curvilinear Grid

  • SMS can now use multiple curvilinear grids.
  • Curvilinear grids can now be duplicated.

UGrid Module

  • UGrid module added to SMS.

Model Features


  • Structures coverage added.
  • Monitoring stations coverage added.


  • Now uses the simulation process similar to that used in SRH-2D.
  • Can be used to export geometry generated in SMS for use in HEC-RAS.


  • New sediment materials coverage.
  • Pressure zones with arched ceiling elevations.
  • Weir flow over pressure zones.
  • Internal links to connect internal source and sinks.
  • Internal source/sinks.
  • Option to use energy total head instead of water-surface elevation for culverts.

Removed Features

  • The GIS to Feature Objects Wizard no longer allows creating a new coverage during the conversion process. Existing coverages can still be selected.