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General Features

  • Updates to the measure tool
  • Coordinate system preview option
  • New GIS tab showing GIS module information in the Information dialog.
  • New Notes tab included in property dialogs.
  • Updates to projections.
  • Toolbox and scripting updates
  • Select by features in the Edit menu:
    • Find commands in individual menus to find objects (nodes, vertices, elements, cells, triangles, polygons) by ID or X,Y moved to "Select by..." option (still being worked on)
    • Select by coverage option. Coverage
  • Removed the Web menu and moved many of its commands to the File menu.
  • STL files can be imported.
  • Bridge scour tool.
  • Ability to import a flood map.
  • Floodway delineation tool.
  • New Simulation Run Queue that allows running multiple simulations at once for SRH-2D, ADCIRC, and STWAVE.
  • Plot option improvements
    • The background of all plots used to have alternating light/dark bands. The user can now control the display of this feature with a toggle in the plot options dialog.
    • Plots can now be saved in one session and restored/loaded in another. The plots are saved using the File|Save command and specifying the type to be ".plt". When a plot is loaded, SMS looks for a mesh and datasets that were specified for the plot display. If a mesh doesn't exist, SMS looks for another mesh that contains an appropriately named dataset. If the dataset doesn't exist in the folder named in the plot file, SMS looks for another dataset with a matching name in a different folder.

Module Features

GIS Module

  • Faster lidar file import process.
  • New lidar tools and display options.

Map Module

  • Constant paving density option
  • Arc redistribution based on size function. This impacts mesh generation because it is not done automatically during mesh generation anymore.
  • New Snap Arcs to Mesh command which changes mesh nodes to match arc nodes and vertices.
  • Faster meshing.
  • Meshing now handles single segment breaklines.
  • Meshing no longer redistributes the arcs when scalar paving is used.

Mesh Module

  • Ability to interpolate solution sets to another mesh.

Scatter Module

  • Convert 2D scatter sets to raster data.
  • Laplacian interpolation option removed.

Model Features


  • ADCIRC graphical interface changed to allow having multiple simulations in a single project.


  • HEC-RAS 2D grid generation tool.
    • creation of DEM for HEC-RAS and autolink to this DEM.
    • use of material coverage with polygons defining zones and material list defining attributes.
  • HEC-RAS translator process completed when exporting files.


  • FESWMS is no longer supported in SMS. The interface has been removed.


  • Link to HY-8 for culvert calculations via a table of flow rates - significantly reduces for HY-8 computation time.
  • Update to internal links to allow for a rating curve inflow condition to these structures.
  • Support for internal momentum-less source/sinks.


  • STWAVE graphical interface changed to allow having multiple simulations in a single project.