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XYZ files are opened through the File Import Wizard. Any ASCII tabular file can be opened through the wizard by renaming the file to have a *.xyz file extension. XYZ files may have an optional file header describing the data in each column of the file. The columns of data follow the header and may be delimited by any character (such as TAB, SPACE, COMMA, etc.). XYZ files are opened using the File | Open menu command.

The File Import Wizard is used to import delimited or fixed width files. See the File Import Wizard article for more information.

Sample File

Below is an example of an XYZ file for ten points using a space to separate each column.

2.19786556e+004 9.60065430e+003 3.35000000e+002
2.20193127e+004 9.56005650e+003 3.10144900e+002
2.20619056e+004 9.52148270e+003 3.07512200e+002
2.21044428e+004 9.48274190e+003 3.05989400e+002
2.21468239e+004 9.44378440e+003 3.07568900e+002
2.21899932e+004 9.40571910e+003 3.08509600e+002
2.22319898e+004 9.36635290e+003 3.17684400e+002
2.22753169e+004 9.32845010e+003 3.22013100e+002
2.23182063e+004 9.29005790e+003 3.23000000e+002
2.23521385e+004 9.26219550e+003 3.23000000e+002

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