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Scalars from Vectors

The Scalars from Vectors tool converts a vector dataset into component scalar datasets. The resulting components include both Cartesian (X,Y) and spherical (magnitude/direction). The direction component uses the Cartesian direction convention (positive X axis is 0.0 with the direction increasing in the CCW direction).

If a direction dataset relative to different conventions (Meteorologic or Oceanographic) is desired, it would need to be converted from Cartesian using the Angle Convention tool.

Input parameters

  • Input vector data set – Select the vector dataset located in the project.

Output parameters

  • Data set name prefix – Enter a prefix that will be affixed to the converted datasets.
  • Magnitude – Enter the name for the magnitude dataset.
  • Direction – Enter the name for the direction dataset.
  • Vx – Enter the name for the Vx dataset.
  • Vy – Enter the name for the Vy dataset.

Current Location in toolbox

Datasets/Scalars from Vectors

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