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Smooth Datasets

The Smooth Datasets tool creates a new spatial dataset that approximates an input dataset but has values that do not violate rules of how fast they can vary. The values can be limited by slope or area.

When limited by slope, either the minimum or the maximum value is preserved. Values at locations adjacent to the locked or updated value in the mesh are computed based on the distance between the location and its neighbors and a maximum specified slope. If the neighboring value exceeds the slope, the maximum or minimum to satisfy the slope limitation is computed and assigned to the neighbor location. This process then propagates to neighbors of this location.

The area method assumes that the values represent size or nodal spacing functions. Since this is not as intuitive as physical slope, the smoothing prevents the size from changing too fast based on a target area change ratio. Typical area change ratios allowed historically vary from 0.5 to 0.8. Higher area change ratios result in more consistent element sizes (slower transitions).

Input parameters

  • Input elevation data set – Select which elevation dataset in the project will be the input.
  • Anchor – Select which type of anchor for the smoothing process.
    • "Minimum value" – Sets the minimum elevation to be the anchor for the smoothing process.
    • "Maximum value" – Sets the maximum elevation to be the anchor for the smoothing process
  • Smoothing option – Select which type of smoothing option will be used. The option selected will add options to the dialog.
    • "Elemental area change" – Smooths the dataset (size function) by limiting the area.
      • Smoothing area change limit – Sets a limit to how much of the area is changed by smoothing.
      • Smoothing minimum cell size – Sets the minimum cell size for the smoothing.
    • "Maximum slope" – Smooths the elevation dataset by limiting the slope.
      • Smoothing maximum slope – Sets the maximum potential slope to the smoothing.
  • Subset mask data set (optional) – Select a dataset for the subset mask (optional).

Output parameters

  • Output dataset – Enter the name for the new smoothed dataset.

Current Location in toolbox

Datasets/Smooth Dataset

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