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Smooth Datasets by Neighbor

The Smooth Datasets by Neighbor tool creates a new spatial dataset that is a smoothed version of the input dataset. The tool has options to average the points value with its neighbors, or use an IDW interpolation of the neighbor values.

By default the tool will update the value at a point using only points directly connected to the point. An option allows all points with in two layers of connection to be used.

Input parameters

  • Input dataset – Select which dataset in the project will be the input.
  • Number of levels – The amount of levels to the dataset. Currently the tool supports 1 or 2.
  • Interpolation method – Sets the interpolation method for the smoothing. The option selected may add options to the dialog.
    • "Average" – Sets the interpolation method to averaging the nodal neighbors.
    • "IDW" – Sets the interpolation method to Inverse Distance Weighing (IDW).
  • Weight of nodal neighbors – The final interpolated value at a point will be the value at the point multiplied by (1 - weight of nodal neighbors) plus the interpolated value from the nodal neighbors multiplied by (weight of nodal neighbors).
  • Subset mask dataset (optional) – Select a dataset for the subset mask (which is optional).

Output parameters

  • Output dataset – Enter the name for the new smoothed dataset.

Current Location in toolbox

Datasets/Smooth Datasets by Neighbors

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