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The GenCade Refine Point dialog

The Refine Point dialog is used to set the attributes for a refine point represented by a feature point in a GenCade model coverage. The dialog is reached by selecting a point in a GenCade coverage and selecting the Feature Objects | Attributes command.

Attributes that can be specified for each refine point include:

  • Refine grid in I direction – Has the following option when turn on:
    • Base cell size – Specify the cell I size in the vicinity of the refine point.
  • Wave gage – Applies wave gage settings to the refined point. Selecting the Options button will bring up the Wage Gages dialog.
  • Tidal currents – Applies tidal current data to the rifined point. Selecting the Options button will bring up the Tidal Currents dialog.
  • K1 – Regulates the magnitude of the longshore transport and should be calibrated first.
  • K2 – Influence the shoreline position in the vicinity of structures or where there is a sharp change in shoreline orientation.
  • Angle amplification
  • Angle incremental adjustment
  • Height amplification
  • Berm height
  • Depth of closure

Only refine points located within a grid frame are used when the Map → 1D Grid command is executed. Refine points are not available for all models, since some Cartesian grid models require uniform cell sizes.

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