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The following new features have been added to SMS 13.2:


Toolbox (beta)

Data Portability

  • Export/import of model specific coverages (transfer data between projects)
  • Changes to how files organized for saved project. Files that go with a project file are now in a folder created next to the project file.

Display Options

  • Display Themes
  • New Contour label generation option to generate 1 label per contour line.
  • New Contour label display options
  • New GIS module display options
  • Mass balance tool



Quadtree constrained UGrids replace the Quadtree module (used in CMS-Flow interface)


  • Improved Blend function
  • Improved Source/Target redistribution
  • Cross section processing tools
    • Create cross section from sequential points in xyz file
    • Split cross section (Remove long arc segments tool)
    • Orient cross sections to centerline (Reverse Right → Left Cross sections tool)
    • Detect/remove invalid cross sections segments relative to centerline (Remove invalid cross section segments tool)
    • Reproject cross sections relative to centerline (Reproject cross sections tool)
    • Interpolate cross sections (tool)
    • Trim cross sections (tool)
  • Option to export map coverage attributes
  • CAD type operations




  • Additional DMI tools and scripts


  • AdH interface update


  • CMS-Wave interface updated

Engineering with Nature (EWN)


  • Support for SRH-2D v 3.5.0
  • Pressure simulated using ceiling dataset (generated from 3D bridges)
  • Support for specified flow direction through a 1D structure
  • Support for modeling HY-8 structures as "links" to allow for 2D flow overground
  • Support for BC Data lines for 1D structures
  • Automatic calibration of models based on modifying Flow rates or Manning's N values to match field data
  • Advanced simulation management to review scenarios with modified boundary conditions (inflow and exit), roughness values, initial conditions,
  • Model summary report generation (HTML report)
  • Update to sediment transport options.


  • Simplified population of boundary condition wave cases from spectral coverage
  • Consistent specification of boundary condition wave cases as offsets form simulation reference time


  • TUFLOW FV interface updated