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Starting with version 13.2, SMS includes a general purpose toolbox that allows the SMS process to interact with external scripts. This is a beta feature in 13.2 and 13.3. For these versions, the user accesses the toolbox by selecting the toolbox icon Toolbox macro.png in the macro toolbar. This brings up the SMS toolbox dialog.

SMS Toolbox

Tools in the toolbox allow the user to operate on data in an SMS interactive session as well as data in external files. Each tool in the toolbox produces a specific output. Launch a tool by either double-clicking on the tool or selecting the tool and clicking the Run Tool... button at the bottom of the toolbox.

Example output from a tool could include, but are not limited to:

  • a graphic or plot.
  • a report (document or spreadsheet) for a specified analytical process.
  • a new geometry item in SMS (i.e. a new mesh/Ugrid).
  • a new dataset in SMS.
  • a new data file.

Tools Tab

Available tools in the SMS Tool dialog are divided into categories, typically based on the type of output or the type of arguments used in the tool. Currently these categories include:

  • 2D Mesh – Contains tools for adding features into an ADCIRC model. (Available only in SMS 13.3)
  • ADCIRC – Contains tools for adding features into an ADCIRC model.
  • Auto-Backup – Contains tools for backing up and reloading a mesh.
  • Coverages – Contains tools for manipulated coverage data.
  • Datasets – Contains tools for manipulating datasets attached meshes, scatters sets, or Ugrids.
  • Lidar – Contains tools for manipulating lidar data.
  • Rasters – Contains tools for manipulating raster files in the GIS module.
  • SCHISM – Contains tools for the import and export of grid points and elements for a horizontal grid file for a SCHISM model. (Available only in SMS 13.3)
  • Unstructured Grids – Contains tools for manipulating UGrids, scatter sets, and meshes.
  • Whitebox Tools – Contains tools for executing operations for analyzing geographical information systems (GIS).

History Tab

The toolbox maintains a history of all tools invoked in an SMS project.

The history section includes the tool and the date/time the tool was invoked. Selecting an entry in the history tab launches the listed tool. The input fields are populated with the arguments that were used in the previous invocation of the tool. These inputs can be changed for the new invocation of the tool.

The History tab has the following options:

  • Run Tool From History – Clicking this will run the tool again using the same parameters.
  • Delete – Removes the run from the history.

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