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Boundary XY files (*.bxy) are used to store the x,y location of the nodes on all the nodestrings in a mesh. If wanting to export only the boundary node locations, make sure nodestrings only exist on the boundary of the mesh. If nodestrings exist on the interior of the mesh, their locations will also be included in the boundary XY file.

Boundary ID files are not opened in SMS but are saved using the menu command File | Save As... in the Mesh module. To save a boundary XY File (*.bxy), the current mesh module model should be set to ADCIRC. Use the menu command Data | Switch Current Model... to change the current mesh module model.

Sample File

2 Number of nodestrings
3 Number of nodes in nodestring
500000.000000 0.000000
497592.400000 49008.600000
490392.600000 97545.200000
5 Number of nodes in nodestring
518643.200000 65498.400000
654128.400000 54688.400000
845478.800000 53491.100000
987681.700000 65385.800000
551972.600000 48687.200000

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