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The following menus are available in the 2D Mesh Module:

Standard Menus

Includes the File, Edit, Display, and other standard menus. See SMS Menus for more information.

Module Specific Menus

Right-Click Menu

Right-clicking on the Mesh Data folder 2D Mesh Folder.svg in the Project Explorer has the option to bring up the Display Options dialog.

Right-clicking on a Mesh item 2D Mesh Icon.svg in the Project Explorer will bring up the following menu options:

  • New Folder – Creates a new folder under the mesh item
  • Delete – Deletes the active mesh.
  • Duplicate – this command will create a duplicate of the active mesh, along with its model data. The name of the new mesh will be the same as the original mesh, but with an appended number.
  • Rename – Allows changing the active mesh name. Names need to be unique, hence if a non-unique name is entered, a warning message will appear and the name will be reverted. Apostrophes and special characters should not be used.
  • Merge 2D Meshes – merges two meshes together. See the article Merge 2D Meshes.
  • Convert – Converts mesh to map, UGrid, or 2D scatter.
  • Projection – Allows setting the projection of the mesh.
  • Reproject – Allows reprojecting the projection of the mesh.
  • Metadata – Allows making annotations.
  • Create Quality Mesh Scatter Set – This command creates a scatter set consisting of one vertex at the center of each element in the mesh. Six datasets are created for this scatter set including the six quality measures defined in the ARR quality plot. These datasets range from 0.0 to 1.0. The higher the value, the higher the quality of the element. (These quantities can be displayed directly on the mesh in element centered datasets. However, SMS does not currently support this option.) The creation of this scatter set gives a spatial feeling for the quality of the mesh.
  • Zoom to Mesh – Zooms to where the mesh is located within the Graphic Window.
  • Edit Subset – This command is only available when elements are selected. In this case, the command appears. Selecting the command creates a subset from the selected elements and enters subset editing mode.
  • Properties – Opens a Mesh Properties dialog that shows information about the mesh.

Model Specific Menus