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The FESWMS graphical interface includes tools to assist with creating, editing and debugging a FESWMS model. The FESWMS interface exists in the Mesh module.

Model Control

The FESWMS Model Control dialog is used to setup the options that apply to the simulation as a whole. These options include time controls (steady state/dynamic), run types, output options, global parameters, print options and other global settings.

Boundary Conditions

All numeric models require boundary condition data. Boundary conditions in FESWMS include flows in/out of the model domain or known water surface elevations. In FESWMS boundary conditions are generally defined on nodestrings but may also be defined on nodes. The default boundary condition is a closed boundary (no flow). See FESWMS BC Nodestrings and FESWMS Point Attributes Dialog for more information.

Material Properties

Each element is assigned a material type. Material properties describe the hydraulic characteristics of each material type.

Hydraulic Structures

FESWMS was designed for use around highways and includes support for several different types of structures including weirs, culverts, drop inlets, gates and piers. See FESWMS Hydraulic Structures for more information.

Running the Model

The FESWMS files are written automatically with the SMS project file or can be saved separately using the File | Save FESWMS or File | Save As menu commands. See FESWMS Files for more information on the files used for the FESWMS run.

FESWMS can be launched from SMS using the FESWMS | Run FSTD2H menu command. A check of some of the common problems called the Model Checker is done each time the model is launched, or by selecting the FESWMS | Model Check menu command.


See FESWMS Menu for more information.


Beside the standard mesh tools, FESWMS has two unique tools for creating piers.

Create Pier FESWMS Create Pier Tool.svg
Adds a point in the desired pier location on the finite element mesh.
Select Pier FESWMS Select Pier Tool.svg
Selects a pier point on a finite element mesh. Pier attributes can be edited in the FESWMS Pier Definition dialog.

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