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This article is for the HEC-RAS Model. This model is no longer included in SMS. The HEC-RAS model is now part of WMS – Watershed Modeling System.

Hec-RAS Material Properties dialog

SMS uses an Area Property coverage to map the roughness line properties to segments of a cross section. The cross sections store the material property ID's and in order for SMS to correctly associate a material ID with an actual roughness they must be defined using the Material Properties dialog.

Assigning Materials

Roughness values for HEC-RAS are tied to materials in SMS which must be assigned as line properties inside the cross-section database. To assign roughness values to the materials, choose HEC-RAS | Material Properties. Also, the property type that is being used for the material values must be specified in the model control dialog. This dialog is accessed by selecting HEC-RAS | Model Control from the menu.

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