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SMS can import many files generated by other software in their native format. The files that can be imported to SMS are shown in the tables below. Each file type is identified by the file extension. The file filter corresponding to the desired extension should be selected in the Open File dialog.

In addition to the file types listed below, several other types of data can be imported via the File Import Wizard. Refer to the File Import Wizard article for more information.

Import File Types

File Type File Ext Description
Model Simulation Files
*.sim, *.fpr, *.cmcards, *.par Numerous numerical engines use simulation files to help organize model files. These simulation files usually reference a number of other model specific geometry, parameter or data files. Opening the simulation file will import the entire model and all associated model files. This will NOT open any SMS specific data, such as Map data or TIN data etc. The models associated with each super file extension are as follows: *.sim = TABS or STWAVE or CMS-Wave, *.fpr = FST2DH, *.cmcards = CMS-Flow, *.par = BOUSS2D
Model Geometry Files
*.net, *.geo, *.dep, *.cgi, fort.14, *.grd The numerical engines each support their own format for storing geometry (mesh or grid). Opening the geometry file will import create a geometric object of the appropriate type (mesh or grid) and set the current model to be the associated type. Some models use standard file formats such as *.2dm or *.3dm. Themodels associated with each geometry file extension are as follows: *.net = FST2DH, *.geo = RMA2 (TABS), *.dep =CMS-Wave , *.cgi = CGWAVE, fort.14 = ADCIRC (also uses *.grd), *.grd = BOUSS2D
*.dxf, *.dwg
Vector drawing data used for background display or for conversion to feature objects.
*.jpg, *.tif, *.tiff
Raster image files used for background display or for texture mapping to a surface.
ArcView shapefiles.
DEM / Grid
*.asc, *.ddf, *.ggd, *.dem
ASCII 2D grid exported from Arc/Info or ArcView, ASCII 2D grid exported from GRASS
Cartesian grid and associated datasets.
Drogue Files
Particle / path data from ADCIRC.
MIKE 21 *.mesh
Grid file in DHI grid format.
ARC/INFO® Shapefiles
Geographical shapes and associated attributes.
MapInfor® MIF/MID Pairs
Geographical shapes and associated attributes.
*.hurdat, *atcf
Tropical cyclones database.
Tropical cyclones database in unprocessed format.
*.las, *.laz
Light detection and ranging.

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