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The installation wizard will guide through the installation process. There will be the option to install different parts of the SMS program including the executable files, tutorial files, documentation files, etc. If missing a part of the installation, reinstall and verify that all parts are selected to be installed.


See Registering SMS for information regarding registering SMS using a hardware lock or password.

Program Defaults

When starting SMS, there are default values set for directories, display options, etc. Each project also saves settings associated with the project. As a project is read, the values are set to the project settings. The default settings only appear when creating new projects. Modify the default settings for a new project by choosing Save Settings from the File menu. This will replace the default settings with the current settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My hardware lock doesn't work.

A: Visit the SMS:Hardware Locks page for Hardware lock troubleshooting. Review the hardware lock troubleshooting guides: Single User Locks and Network Locks.

Q: I encountered an error when trying to install SMS.

A: The most common cause for installation errors is running the installation program without "Administrator" priviledges. Also check that the installation diectory is a valid location and that it isn't "read-only."

Q: Where can I get the latest build updates of SMS?

A: See Downloads or visit the Aquaveo download page.

Q: What is "Demo Mode?"

A: SMS runs in Demo Mode if a valid license is not present. In Demo Mode, printing and saving are disabled.

Q: I purchased SMS. How do I enable the software and get out of Demo Mode?

A: SMS can be enabled with a password or hardware lock. To obtain a password or hardware lock, contact your software vendor. Passwords enable a single version of SMS on a single machine. Passwords are machine specific. When obtaining a password, you will need to provide your vendor with your computer's register string. The register string is listed in the Register dialog (File | Register.) Hardware locks enable a roaming license of SMS. In order to enable SMS with a hardware lock, the lock must be attached to the machine when running SMS. See Registering SMS for more information.

Q: In the graphics window, letters and numbers appear instead of points and nodes. How can that be fixed?

A: If letters and numbers appear in the graphics window instead of regular points and nodes, then there was an error installing the SMS font or the font was corrupted. Usually this problem clears up when the computer is restarted after the SMS installation process is finished.

Q: My password doesn't work.

A: Passwords are not case sensitive but register strings ARE case sensitive. Double check the password data sent to you by your vendor and make sure the register is correct and you have entered the correct password.

Q: What does the error "This application has failed to start because MSVCR71.dll was not found" mean?

A: Your machine is missing the file MSVCR71.dll. This file should have been installed on your computer with the Windows Operating System. To fix this, download and reinstall MSVCR71.dll. MSVCR71.dll is available for download on many websites. Use a search engine, such as Google, to find it.

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