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This article is for the HEC-RAS Model. This model is no longer included in SMS. The HEC-RAS model is now part of WMS – Watershed Modeling System.

Q: Can you load *.sdf files created in HEC-RAS into SMS to view the data results?

A: You can read a *.sdf file into SMS 9.2. However, the information that will appear is the river schematic. No data information will appear. To view the data information, use the HEC-RAS interface to create plots and displays.

Q: Do I have to install HEC-RAS separately onto my computer or is it included with the other models in the installation of SMS?

A: HEC-RAS is not included in the installation of SMS. It needs to be downloaded separately and installed on your computer. To install it, you can get a copy of it from the US Army Corps of Engineers website. Select version 3.1.3 to download and install.

Q: Why do I need to purchase HEC-RAS with SMS when HEC-RAS is free software?

A: While the HEC-RAS software is offered for free, the interface between SMS and HEC-RAS must have a license purchased from Aquaveo to work correctly. The license allows SMS to convert data created in SMS into data the HEC-RAS software can read.