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Example of the Refine Attributes dialog

The Refine Attributes dialog is used to set the attributes for a refine point represented by a feature point in a 2D Mesh model coverage. The dialog is reached by right-clicking on a point in the Map module and selecting the Refine Attributes command. This option is only available if the active coverage is a 2D Mesh model coverage type (i.e. mesh generator, ADCIRC, FESWMS, etc.).

Attributes that can be specified for each refine point include:

  • Refine point – When checked on, assigns the point as a refine point. A refine point is a feature point that is created inside the boundary of a polygon and assigned a size value. When the finite element mesh is created, a corner node will be created at the location of the refine point and all element edges that touch the node will be the exact length specified by the refine point size value.
    • Element size – Specify the nodal spacing, or element edge length in the vicinity of the refine point. Refine points are only used if the mesh is generated using the paving or scalar paving density mesh generation methods.
  • Create mesh node at this location – A corner node will be created at the location of this point when the finite element mesh is generated.

Model specific options may also be available in this dialog. See the model documentation for information about these options.

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