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The SMS Intermediate Release Notes page for SMS 10.0.

SMS 10.0 Intermediate Release Notes

Intermediate release SMS 10.0.11 - February 10, 2009

  1. Fixed a merge meshes crash
  2. Fixed a problem with RMA2 Marsh Porosity where all of the data was not being saved
  3. Fixed a problem with ADCIRC weirs
  4. Fixed a problem with zonal classification
  5. Fixed a crash in converting GIS shapefiles to feature objects
  6. Fixed a problem where RMA2 steering it always reports 0.0% of target

Intermediate release SMS 10.0.10 - December 10, 2008

  1. Fixed a crash with converting Shapefiles (GIS) to Feature objects (Map module)
  2. Fixed a problem where Shapefile->Map created additional arcs
  3. Material Assignments to elements mixed up
  4. Fixed a problem with initial values not initializing correctly in the vector to scalar dialog
  5. Fixed a crash when opening sms or fpr file
  6. Fixed a problem where renaming an arc incorrectly closed a profile plot
  7. Fixed a problem where image pyramids were sometimes not setup correctly for large images
  8. Fixed a problem where SMS sometimes hung when doing a delete all command
  9. Fixed a problem where ADCIRC spatial attributes were not being seeded correctly from the specified dataset
  10. Fixed a problem where ADCIRC spatial attributes were not using the default values which caused larger files to be written then were necessary
  11. Fixed a problem where reading a partially complete ADCIRC solution was completely aborted rather than reading valid time steps

Intermediate release SMS 10.0.9 - November 4, 2008

  1. Fixed a crash with the material properties for generic model interface
  2. Fixed a problem with contour labels showing incorrect values
  3. Fixed a problem with the controls to adjust the size of the contour legend
  4. Fixed a crash with cleaning really complicated map coverages
  5. Fixed a crash with opening project files with plots that have incomplete data
  6. Fixed a crash with zonal classification feature
  7. Fixed a crash that occurred when moving SMS between monitors when using multiple displays
  8. Fixed a crash with the FESWMS global bed control
  9. Fixed a problem with demo mode that prevented the user from panning or zooming correctly
  10. Fixed a problem with using the virtual earth locator to download teraserver images

Intermediate release SMS 10.0.8 - October 6, 2008

  1. Fixed a problem with merging cartesian grid rows and columns
  2. Fixed a problem where generating cellstrings along boundary produced overlapping strings

Intermediate release SMS 10.0.7 - August 29, 2008

  1. SMS now correctly writes the viscosity data to the appropriate input files
  2. Fixed a problem with RMA4 nodestrings with midside nodes
  3. Changed find by node ID so that the red circle stays around longer
  4. Fixed a crash relating to flux plots
  5. Fixed a crash that occured when reading certain project files
  6. Fixed a crash relating to boundary conditions with the Generic 2D Mesh Model
  7. Fixed a crash that occured when running FESWMS
  8. Fixed a problem with an improper wave angle written out when steering with CMS-Wave
  9. Fixed a problem with specify input paths for PTM hydrodynamics
  10. Fixed a crash when selecting a cell in a grid with no elevation dataset
  11. Fixed a problem where the BOUSS2D Wave generator arrow was displayed in the wrong direction
  12. Fixed a crash that occured when reading an ADCIRC fort.61 file
  13. Fixed a crash that occured when observation coverages were deleted before their associated plots
  14. Fixed a problem with converting Cartesian Grid coordinates
  15. Fixed so the selection highlighting is done correctly when using the Cartesian Grid Find Cell command.
  16. Fixed a crash after deleting materials from the CGWave materials dialog
  17. Updated the PTM executable so it will work with hardware locks
  18. Fixed a crash when using nested STWAVE grids
  19. Fixed a crash that occured when you tried to read in scattered data when the scatter module is not enabled
  20. Fixed a crash when reading incomplete FESWMS .sed files
  21. Changed SMS to not report PTM warnings for "Mapping Output Interval" if mapping output is turned off
  22. You will no longer be prompted to save twice when working with STWAVE
  23. SMS now treats ADCIRC fort.73 and fort.74 files correctly in the model control tab
  24. Fixed a crash with some RMA4 project files
  25. Fixed problems with exporting multiple timesteps into a tabular data file
  26. Fixed a problem with functional surfaces not displaying correctly after changing the display options.
  27. Fixed an endless loop when trying to create "multiple view" filmloops

Intermediate release SMS 10.0.6 - July 15, 2008

  1. A problem with the display getting fouled up after changing the z-mag until the next frame command has been fixed
  2. Fixed crash when trying to assign ADCIRC weirs to nodestrings with different numbers of nodes
  3. SMS now correctly uses external files specified in the TUFLOW grid options dialog
  4. Fixed a problem where invalid material references could be created when using the generic model interface
  5. Fixed a crash that happened on certain computers when saving scatter sets as TINs
  6. Fixed a problem with the tutorial files for the generic model interface
  7. Fixed a crash with multiple view filmloops
  8. Inverting cell selection with Cartesian Grids now works correctly
  9. Select Cartesian Grid cells by data value has been fixed
  10. The node ordering for boundaries and forcing files has been made consistent
  11. STWAVE now runs multiple events from SMS
  12. The display will now update correctly after changing a nodes x, y coordinates
  13. Fixed a crash with observation fluxes
  14. Fixed a problem with observation attribute names for arcs when using both nodes and arcs
  15. Scatter edges now display correctly when panning after swapping edges
  16. The display now updates correctly after reversing the direction of a feature arc
  17. Fixed a crash with zonal classification if you enter the dialog with zones defined that don’t have any criteria
  18. Fixed Ctrl+ key shortcuts to match the descriptions in the menu
  19. When mapping an elevation dataset the correct name is now used
  20. Fixed a problem saving TUFLOW event data
  21. Select by material type now refreshes appropriately
  22. Fixed select by dataset value for nodes
  23. Fixed a crash with certain FESWMS sed files
  24. Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when loading a DEM from an asc file
  25. Fixed a crash that occurred with Cartesian Grid functional surfaces and ATI graphics cards
  26. Modified the Scatter Contour -> Feature dialog to work more cleanly
  27. Fixed a crash that occurred with reading some ADCIRC datasets
  28. Fixed creating cell strings for PTM from CMS-Flow

Intermediate release SMS 10.0.5 - June 20, 2008

  1. Fixed a problem with SMS accessing deleted temporary files.
  2. Fixed a crash with trying to access plot data after deleting feature arcs.
  3. Bouss-2D wave maker images now appear right side up.
  4. Fixed a crash with deleting nodes with nodal boundary conditions being displayed.
  5. Fixed a problem with creating PTM input data from an RMA2 solution.
  6. Fixed a crash that sometimes occured when smoothing size datasets in the mesh module.
  7. Fixed a problem with reading RMA2 mesh and solution files that have gaps in the node ids.
  8. Fixed a crash that occured when deleting improperly created Cartesian grid cell strings.
  9. Fixed a crash with exporting tabular data.
  10. We now give an explanation message if we cannot create a nautical grid.
  11. Fixed a problem where sometimes multiple scalar and vector datasets could appear active.
  12. SMS now updates the time window when datasets are referenced to a specific timeframe.
  13. Fixed a problem where SMS doesn't terminate on exit if a solution dataset has no valid values.
  14. Coordinate transforms are now applied to all the grids and not just the active grid.
  15. Fixed a meshing crash that sometimes happened with scalar density paving.
  16. SMS now writes the TUFLOW initial water level value in the tgc file so it can be overriden by water level polygons.
  17. SMS now writes the STWAVE nesting cells correctly.
  18. Fixed a problem where it was necessary to launch STWAVE twice before it would run successfully.
  19. Fixed a problem with Bouss2D probe dialog.
  20. SMS now saves the Cartesian Grid arc options.
  21. Changed the output format of the CMS Wave energy file to ensure proper spacing between numbers.
  22. The Refine point dialog now uses I and J rather than U and V to be consistent with other parts of the interface.
  23. SMS now handles the TUFLOW external grid file correctly.
  24. Trying to assign weirs to nodestrings of different numbers of nodes no longer crashes.
  25. Fixed a problem with changing the z-magnification that broke the display until the next frame occured.

Intermediate release SMS 10.0.4 - June 11, 2008

  1. Mesh contours will now display correctly when there are timesteps that are completely dry
  2. Fixed a CMS-Flow, CMS-Wave steering crash
  3. Fixed a crash that occured when creating arrowheads using the map draw tools
  4. Fixed GIS to Coverage when using a TUFLOW network coverage
  5. The profile plot now updates when adding and removing arcs from arc groups
  6. Map nodes were drawn in their old location after being dragged to a new location
  7. Arcs would sometimes disappear behind transparent contours
  8. The origin of observation arcs now save with map files
  9. Default stamp elevation for feature stamping is now used correctly
  10. Newly created coverages are now active in the project explorer
  11. Transparency for Cartesian Grid functional surfaces has been fixed
  12. Color filled and linear contours now appear at the same z elevation for Cartesian Grids
  13. Naming observation arcs no longer cause a crash
  14. Fixed a nodestring display update issue
  15. Fixed a crash reading shape files
  16. PTM post processing datasets are now saved with the project
  17. Triple clicking the same point when creating an arc no longer causes a crash
  18. Having multiple CMS Flow grids with cellstrings no longer causes bad cellstrings
  19. Trying to save a scatter set to a read only file no longer crashes SMS
  20. SMS again allows users to drag files onto the icon to open them
  21. An issue with the timestep window not showing up when using PTM has been fixed
  22. Fixed a crash when deleting points used by an observation plot
  23. There were times when newly created scatter points were not added to the triangulation. This has been fixed.
  24. At times SMS would hang when optimizing the triangulation
  25. Contour labels are no longer cut off by color filled contours
  26. Fixed a selection problem with scatter vertices by when using a polygon
  27. Some DEM files were not reading in correctly but they do now
  28. TUFLOW 1D Flow vs WSE boundary conditions were not be written to the TUFLOW files correctly
  29. The get info dialog for meshes no longer reports information from unused models
  30. Fixed the DEM import dialog so that the feedback is correct and makes sense
  31. Fixed a problem with display updates when assigning flowrate boundary conditions
  32. Functional surfaces now frame correctly
  33. The screen refreshes correctly when interpolating between nodes
  34. It is now always possible to exit selecting with a box by using the escape key
  35. Fixed a crash that occurred when copy a coverage with selected entities
  36. Removed excess information from the zonal classification logs
  37. Fixed a crash when reading an invalid RMA2 solution
  38. SMS now stores Bouss2D grids the right size and with the correct indices
  39. Fixed some problems with Bouss2D probes
  40. SMS now displays coverages in the correct order
  41. Fixed a problem where multiple CGrids sometimes displayed
  42. Fixed 1D element contours
  43. Fixed problems with grid frames (dragging, deleting, and copying)
  44. Fixed a problem with 1D element node updates
  45. Coastline files can be created even if you don't have CGWave enabled
  46. Fixed a crash with deleting cell strings

Intermediate release SMS 10.0.3 - May 1, 2008

  1. PTM executable updated to version 2.025
  2. Saving out coastline file available if CGWAVE or ADCIRC is enabled
  3. ADCIRC 63/64 file crash
  4. Slow deletion of feature points
  5. STWAVE coverage issue specifying land polygons
  6. GIS to Feature data crash
  7. Generic model interface - global parameter definition bug
  8. Import wizard problem where z elevations not properly mapped to feature points
  9. Fixed multiple views film-loop
  10. GIS to Map for TUFLOW network coverage fixed
  11. Relocated map node displayed at old location until refresh
  12. Origin of observation arc is now saved in the map file
  13. Cartesian grid Color fill and linear contours are now displayed at consistent elevations to improve visualizing them in 3D
  14. Name observation arc crash
  15. Nodestring display issue
  16. Fixed create arc tool crash
  17. Editing scatter points and overwriting HDF5 file problem
  18. Crash when deleting feature points in specific situations

Intermediate release SMS 10.0.2 - March 14, 2008

  1. Crash when performing change/delete when triangles selected
  2. Print preview not functioning
  3. Scale legend does print correctly
  4. Text and drawing objects not printing correctly
  5. Transform feature objects was not working for PTM coverages
  6. STWAVE Boundary conditions types not saved correctly

Intermediate release SMS 10.0.1 - February 19, 2008

  1. Fixed the inability to select Southern hemisphere UTM zones
  2. Fixed several graphical glitches including texture mapping on a surface and several update problems
  3. Fixed various problems with the spectral energy dialog
  4. Removed misleading messages that originate from the generic model interface
  5. Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when using zonal classification
  6. Fixed a problem with PTM traps that was reporting the open/closed state incorrectly
  7. Fixed some issues with models that only support metric units
  8. Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when trying to use LTEA
  9. Changed STWAVE to write out all datasets by default
  10. Fixed coordinate conversions for PTM sources
  11. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused poor meshes to be generated

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