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Breaklines (a) Original triangulation and breakline. (b) Triangulation after the breakline has been processed by inserting new scatter points along the breakline.

The Breaklines menu provides commands for processing breaklines in the scatter set. Breaklines can either be imported or created manually in SMS.

The menu items operate on the active scatter set unless otherwise noted:

Force Breaklines
Processes breaklines in a scatter set by requiring scatter triangle edges to follow the selected breaklines. SMS will swap triangle edges to get the edges to conform to the breakline. Contour values of the elements will be adjusted to fit the new triangulation. If no breaklines are selected, all breaklines will be forced. This command is also available in the Select Breakline tool right-click menu.
Joins selected breaklines to form a single breakline. Available if more than one breakline is selected. The selected breaklines must share the same endpoint(s) in order to be merged. Identical to the Merge Breaklines command in the Select Breakline tool right-click menu.
Divides a single breakline into multiple breaklines at the selected scatter vertex. Available if a scatter vertex is selected that is connected to (and not at the end of) a breakline. Functions identical to the Split Breakline command in the Select Scatter Point tool right-click menu.

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