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The Vertices menu has the following menu command:

The points (vertices) in a scatter set can be dragged with the mouse cursor if they are unlocked and the Select Scatter Points tool is selected. The Locked command in the Vertices menu turns on and off the locked status. If scatter points are locked, a check mark is shown next to the menu text. The default status is locked so scatter points are not accidentally moved.
The locked or unlocked status effects all points in the scatter module. One scatter set cannot have locked points and another scatter set have unlocked points. Individual points or groups of points cannot by locked while others points remain unlocked. Therefore, it is best practice to make certain to lock the scatter vertices after moving points in the unlocked status.
If a project in the unlocked status is closed, SMS automatically reverts back to the locked status.
The locked status does not prevent points in a scatter set from being moved using the Edit Window to manually change the precise orientation of a selected point. The locked or unlocked status does not effect the Z value of a selected point. By default, all points are locked when not in plan view.

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