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The model wrapper appears when a model is running.

Simulation/Model Progress 
The top section of the dialog. Contains a status bar for the model executable. Will show all executables, or simulation runs, being used in the model run, including pre-processing and post-processing executables as well as each simulation run. Each status bar can be clicked to check on a simulation run. The progress and results of the simulation run or executable are displayed below.
The bottom section of the dialog. Displays the executable code during the model run. If there is an error during the model run, the error will be displayed in this section.
Load Solution 
If this option is checked on, the solution files will be loaded into SMS upon closing.
During the model run, this button reads as Abort. Clicking this button will end the model run.
When the model run is completed, this button changes to Exit and is used to close the model wrapper.

Model Wrapper Examples

Example of the CMS-Flow model wrapper during a model run. A single model run is being performed here.
Example of the SRH-2D model wrapper during a model run. Both the pre-processor and processor executable run can be examined by selecting the executable listed in the top section.
Example of the BOUSS Runup/Overtopping model wrapper after a model run. Each simulation run can be examined. The first simulation is selected here.